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The Legacy Print Journal (ISSN 0865-4824) 1989 - 1999

Symmetry of Structure Abstracts I, 1989
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Adler, I.: A Growth Model of Phyllotaxis: The Dynamics That Produce a Crystal
Akopian, I.: Edwin Bauer's Theoretical Biology and the Problem of Symmetry
Balakshin, O.B. and Bunin, V.A.: Multidimensional Symmetry and Its Adequate Graphic-Analytical Representation in the System "Man-Machine-Environment"
Banach, L.J.: Vibrations of Symmetric Mechanical Systems >
Baykov, V.A.: Approximate Symmetries of Equations With a Small Parameter
Belova, L.E.: Spiral Differential Structures as a Principle for Harmonic Organization of Architectural Space and Form
Bobylev, A.V.: Nontrivial Symmetry Properties of the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation
Boltjanskij, V.G.: Some Aspects of Symmetry in School Education, Optimal Control and Relativity
Britton, M.W.: The Power in Acknowledging Music's Symmetry As Physical Motion We Perceive Through Our Aural Sense
Bruen, H.: Rose, Wheel, Rondo and Mandala: Rotational Symmetry as Focus of Research Processes for the Planning of an Integrative Curriculum in Polyaesthetic Education
Burckhardt, J.J.: The Symmetry of Crystals
Caglioti, G.: Broken Symmetries in Science and Art
Chapigeni, K.I.: Dynamic Models of Quasi symmetrical Crystals
Chen, J,C-Y.: Binary and Cyclic Symmetries in Early Chinese Interpretation of Nature
Chepalov, A.I.: Meyerhold's Biomechanics: History of the Term and Its Relations with Contemporary Science
Chua, L.: Symmetry in Principles in Nonlinear Circuits
Clausberg, K.: Symmetries in Art History
Cseh, J.: Dynamic Symmetries in the Molecule-Like States of Atomic Nuclei
Dankov, E., Krusteva, Y., Dankova, R., Rossina., V. and Turnovo, V.: Some Aspects of the Problem of Symmetry in the Pythagorean "Music of the Spheres"
Deregowski, J.: Psychological Research on Perception of Symmetry
Dobrolyubov, A.: Asymmetry as the Necessary Condition for Masstransfere by Travelling Waves in Solids, Liquids and Gases
Dolivo-Dobrovolskaya, G.I., Revnivstev, V.I. and Shafranosky, I.I.: Symmetry as a Measure of Defect Containability and Energy of Crystalline Strucutres
Dolbilin, N.P.: Crystallographic Structures and Space Partitions: New Trends of the Theory
Dorodnitsyn, V.A.: The Symmetry of Finite-difference Equations
Drago, A.: The Birth of Symmetries in Theoretical Physics: Lazare Carnot's Mechanics
Dunham, D.: Artistic Patterns With Hyperbolic Symmetry
Emmer, M.: Dynamic Symmetry: Films
Emmerich, D.G.: Symmetrical Stable Simplex Introduction to the Resistance of Forms
Engel, P.: Symmetry Conservation and Symmetry Breaking in Atomic Structures
Escot, P.: Symmetry of Music
Fedoseev, J.: Study of Dynamics of Symmetric Systems
Ferreira, E.: Symmetry as a Cultural Expression in Some Brazilian Indian Tribes
Fidelman, U.: Asymmetric Education: Prospects and Dangers
Fischer, W.: On 3-Periodic Minimal Surfaces. II. Topological Properties
Flachsmeyer, J.: On the World Forms of Wilhelm Ostwald
Galeyev, B.M.: "Functional Asymmetry"
Gazizov, R.K.: Non-Local Symmetries of Differential Equations
Genova, D., Dankov, E., and Dankova, R.: The Problem of Symmetry of "The Primary Elements" in the Thracian Orphism and Pythagorism
Genz, H.: Symmetries and Their Breaking
Geza, L.: Symmetry in the Analysis of Structures
Golikov, A.M.: Adaptive Disparity of Dissymmetrical Forms of Pinus Silevestris L. and Picea Abies L. Karst. in the North-West of Russian SFSR
Goranson, H.T.: Generic Knowledge Representation and Fusion Using Symmetry in Metastructures
Gudakova, G.Z. and Lublinskaya, I.E.: Broken Symmetry of Structure of Gas-Discharge Lichtenberg Figure When Byological Liquid is Placed Into Electric Field
Gutina, V.N: Molecular Stereo-Isomerism of the Living Matt
Haake, A.: Symmetry and Tradition of Javanese Batik Patterns
Haase, R.: Introduction to Harmonical Fundamental Research
Hajnoczi, G.: The Tradition of Vitruvius' Concept of Symmetry in the Renaissance Architectural Theory
Hakimov, E.M.: Symmetry, Hierarchy and Evolution of Structures
Hamori, J.: Neurobiology of Brain Asymmetry in Man
Haralyi, F.: Dynamic Geometry
Harris, M.: Mathematics and Textiles
HegedŸs, I.: The Peculiar Stability Behavior of Non-symmetrically Loaded Structures
Horvath, G.: On the Asymmetry of the Birch Leaf Roller's Incisions
Huff, W.S.: That Unordinary Mirror-Rotation Symmetry
Huybers, P. and Van der Ende G.: Uniform Polyhedra for Building Structures
Balakshin, O.A., Runin, V.A. and Ignatieff, Y.A.: Some Examples of Threeorthogonal Objects of Noneuclidian Symmetry
IIegedus I. and Kollar, L.: The Peculiar Stability Behaviour of Non-Symmetrically Loaded Symmetrical Structures
Ishizaka, S.: Interference Fringes on 2D Diffraction Pattern of Radially Symmetric Markers for Determination of its 3D Relative Positions
Jablan, S.V.: Simple and Multiple Antisymmetry
Jean, R.V.: A Mathematical Study of Symmetries on Plants
Kajikawa, Y.: New Models of Synergetics Topology
Kizel, V.A.: Dissymmetry of Living Systems
Koch, E.: On 3-Periodic Minimal Surfaces. I. Symmetry and Derivation
Koptsik, V.A.: Supersymmetry Problem in Biomorphology
Koroleva, I.N.: Assymetry of Movement Reactions Under Conditions of Vibration and Impulsive Forces Influences on Man-operation
Kostov, R.I and Kostov, I.: On the History and Arrangement of the Classes of Crystal Symmetry
Kravchenko, S.: Symmetry and Asymmetry in the Active Vibration Control
Kravtsov, Y.: Partially Deterministic Structures
Kurdjumov, S.P., Malinetskii, G.G. and Potapov, A.B. Resonant Influence Symmetry and Spectrum of Structures in Nonlinear Media
Lalvani, H.: Structures and Meta-Structures
L‡mer, G.: Symmetry in the Analysis of Structures
Laszlo, E.: The Symmetrically Irreversible Universe
Cheng-Yih Chen, J.: Binary and Cyclic Symmetries in Early Chinese Interpretation of Nature

Symmetry of Structure Abstracts II, 1989
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bartlett, P.: Balance and Its Significance in My Drawings, Paintings and Tactual Embossings for the Blind
Panhans-Buhler, U. and Gabor, C.:Copying a Work by Robert Smithson or: Another Experience With the Presence of Artworks
Gyorgy, P. and Lukacs, B.: Discrete Symmetris in Cosmic Scales
Lelekov, V.I. and Ignatieff, Y.A.: The Use of Symmetry Principles in this Computer Microtomography and in the Diagnostics and Development of New Methods of Information Processing and Obtaining
Lenart, M.: Symmetrical Structures in Building Construction (Extended Absract)
Livneh, Y.: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section: An Integrative Computer-Assisted Curriculum
Lizin, I.M.: Morphogenesis of Plants as a Dynamical System
Chorbachi, W. and Loeb, A.: Notation and Nomenclature
Lukacs, B. and Gyorgy, P.: Cosmic Symmetries with Microcosmic Symmetry Breakings
Magarshak, A.S.: On the Stability of Oscillations with Helical Axis of Symmetry
Malinetskii, G.G and Potapov, A.B.: Fractals, Renormalization Group and Chaos in Distributed Systems
Mariasi, I.: Structural Evolution of the Gobelin "Cosmos" between 1968 and 1988
Maroth, M.: Two Ways of Thinking in Greek and Arabic Philosophy
Marutayev, M.: Harmony of the Universe
Mastnak, W.: Symemtric Groups - Music - Pedagogics
Maula, E.J.: Fermat's Search for Symmetry of Triangular Numbers
Mazo, D.M.: Perfection and Genealogy of Structures, in Particular, of Crystal Structures
Lalvani, H. and McDermott, R.:Computer-Animated Polyhedral Transformations
McWhinnie, H.: Proposed Paper Jay Hambidge and the Theory of Dynamic Symmetry
Meszceryakov, V.T.: Harmony in its Unity with Symmetry and Rhythm
Mikhaylovsky, V.H.: Symmetry and Asymmetry and Self-Organization in the World Picture
Minayev, A.Y. and Balakshin, O.B.: Symmetrical and Antisymmetrical Forms of Bending Vibrations Occuring in Sporting Goods
Mirski, J.: Topology and Geometry of Bar Constructions Made from Regular 20-Hedron
Miura, K.: Folding a Plane - Scenes from Natura, Technology and Art
Neumann, W. and Komrska, J.: Correlation between Crystal Symmetry and Symmetry of the Fine Structure of Electron Diffraction Patterns
Ovary, I., Falkai, P. and Bogerts, B.: Asymmetry of the Brain in Schizophrenia
Pa‡l, G. and Luk‡s, B.: Discrete Symmetries in Cosmic Scales
Panhans-BŸhler, U.: Copying a Work by Robert Smithson or: Another Experience with the Presence of Artworks
Parisi, J., Peinke, J., Rau, U. and Claus, W.: The Dynamics of Structure Formation in Semiconductor Breakdown Experiments
Peters, W.S.: Visualization of Symmetry and Mathematical Ideas in Teaching Art
Petukhov, S.V.: Highest Symmetries and Iterative Algorithms in Self Organization of Living Matter. Cyclomer Biology and Cyclomer Arts
Polilov, A.N. and Pogarsky, M.V.: National Geometry of Undirectional Fiber-reinforced Muli-link Bamboo-like Tubes
Portelli, C. and Portelli, A.: The Criterion of Simmetry-Asymmetry in the Evolution of the Genetic Codes
Portelli, C.: The Cyclic Evolution of Universe and Symmetrical Thermodynamics
Potapov, A.B. and Malinetskii, G.G.: Symmetry and Approximate Study of Multidimensional Structures in Nonlinear Media
Potekhin, V.K.: Kinematic Symmetry and "Hybrid" Invariants in a Quasimonochromatic Light Beam
Presnov, E.V. and Isaeva, V.V.: Disymmetrization in Biological Mophogenesis
Prossinger, H.: The Emergence of Symmetry Perception and the Asymmetry in Morphology in Early Man (Homininae)
Pukhnachev, Yu.: Music of COlour and Form, Music of Noving Images
Razin, A.D., Ignatieff, Y.A., Melikhov, A.V., Jargigina, O.S., Voitenkova, I.Y.
RŽ, P.B.: Balance and Its Significance in My Drawings, Paintings, and Tactual Embossings for the Blind
Recski, A.: Symmetric Bracing of One-Story Buildings with Cables and Asymmetric Bracing of One-Story Buildings with Rods
Revers, P.: Aspects of the Definition of Symmetry in Taoistic Thoughts
Rigby, J.F.: Colouring Regular Maps
Robbin, Tony.: Quasicrystals for Architectre
Robinson, P.: The Asymmetry of the Progress of Thoughts
Roman, T.: Extensions of the Symmetry Notion on Geometric Objects With One or More Colours
Rosen, J.: Symmetry in the Structure of Science
Roska, T.: A Dual Way of Computing - Learning from Cerebral Asymmetry
Shafranovskij, I.I.: Ideal and Real Crystal Forms
Sheridan, S.: Symmetry/Asymmetry: Two Kinds of Time: An Artist's View Sonia Lady Sheridan
Sheth, M.: Structural Symmetry in Organizational Development Fitting the Square Peg in a Round Whole
Sheth, R. and Sheth, M.: Abstract of Beyond Symmetry, Asymmetry: Peace Within and Without
Shevelev, J.: The Number and the Form in the Animate Nature
Shortess, G.: Symmetry in Interactive Art
Shteingradt, D.M.: The Number of Divisions of a Flat Surface Into Equal Sized Elements
Sinha, D.K.: Symmetry in the Indian Context - A Critique
Soroko, E.M.: The Invariants of the Self Organization in the Objective of the Dialectical Logic
Steele, J.: The Symmetry of the Quincuncx
Stepanov, I.N., Loshakova, N.A. and Sabitova, N.I.: Symmetry of the Earth Surface and Soil Space Structures
Stoyanov, P.: Symmetry and Moldavian Melos
Strauss, L.: The Mechanical Mirror-Image: Automata As Dopplegangers
Szeles, K.: In the Work of Art and in the Ocuvre, in Aspect of Interpretations
Ternovsky, V.A.: Some Properties of Algebraic Surfaces
Tichy, F.: Ancient Mexico, A World of Order; But Also a World of Symemtry?
Toda, M.: Duality, Nonlinearity, Asymmetry and Symmetry in Lattice Dynamics
Torres, M., Pastor, G., Jimenez, I. and Fayos, J.: Rotary Shadows from the p-Dimensional Hyperspace
Toth, N.: The Prehistoric Roots of a Human Concept of Symmetry
Trivedi, K.: Symemtry in Pauskara Samhita Mandalas
Tsvetkov, V.D.: Symmetry and the Organization of the "Space" of Cardiac Cycle Structures in Mammals
Urmantsev, Y.: Symmetry of Development
Vassilev, M.: On Mapping the Equilibrium Equations of a Class of Thing Shallow Smells With Varying Curvature to Constant Coefficient Equations via Lie Groups
Verstraeten, G.: The Factlike Origin of the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Walter, M.: Some Experiences and Problems Dealing With Symmetry for Children
Warren, N.: Symmetry and Experiential Paradoxical Wholeness
Wester, T.: The Dualistic Symmetry between Plane and Point Based Spatial Structures
Wiggs, R.A.: The Symmetry of Structure in the Generation of Polyhedral Lattices
Wolf, I.L.: The Precedence of Global Processing in Symmetry Perception
Wynn, T.: Symmetry and the Archaeology of Mind
Yushkin, P.: Evolution of Symmetry in Mineral World
Zellweger, S.: Symmetry and the Crsytallography of Logic
Zheludev, I.S.: Symmetry is Property of Matter
Ziegler, R.: Symemtry in Epistemology and the Solution of the Liar Paradox

Volume 1, No. 1, 1990
Entire Volume
Cover and index
Klein, P.: On Symmetry in Science Education
Nagy, D.: Manifesto on (Dis)Symmetry: With Some Preliminary Symmetries
Nagy, D.: The Kaleidoscope and Symmetry (Or, A Symmetroscope): Part 1, from Art to Science (19th Century)
Loeb, A.L.: Reflections on Rotations: Connections and Notations
Zaslow, B.: On the Use of Symmetry As an Archaeological and Anthropological Tool
Dress, A.W.M.: Surface Structure and Deep Structure of the Symmetry Phenomenon
Rigby, J.F.: Symmetry in Geometry: A Personal View
Nagy, D.: Symmetro-graphy

Volume 1, No. 2, 1990
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Nagy, D.: The Kaleidoscope and Symmetry (Or, A Symmetroscope): Part 2, from Science to Art (20Th Century)
Crowe, D.W.: Mathematics and Symmetry: A Personal Report
Gerdes, P.P.J.: On Ethnomathematical Research and Symmetry
Adler, I.: Symmetry in Phyllotaxis
Corballis, M.C.: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Psychology
Fidelman, U.: Creative Cerebral Asymmetry

Volume 1, No. 3, 1990
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Hahn, W.: Symmetry As a Developmental Principle in Nature and Art
Mainzer, K.: Symmetry in Philosophy and History of Science
Neeman, Y.: The Interplay of Symmetry, Order and Information in Physics and the Impact of Gauge Symmetry on Algebraic Topology
Petukhov, S.:Symmetric-Algorithmic Properties of Regular Biostructures
Toth, N.:The Prehistoric Roots of Human Concept of Symmetry
Limadefaria, J.:Symmetry in Crystallography and in Everyday Life

Volume 3, No. 1, 1992
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
BŽrczi, S.: Comparison of the Symmetries of the Celtic and Avar-Onogurian Doubles Friezes from Archaeological Finds
Engler, G.: From Symmetry to Perception
Fitler, K.:Possibilities of Symmetry in Music
Genz, H.:Symmetris of Laws and Symmetries of Patterns
Goranson, H.T.:Report on a Symmetry-Based Universal Grammar for Federation of Models
Gray, J.:The Shape of Harmonic Relationships in Noise
Gyorgy, D.:The State of the Art of Symmetry Studies (Patterns in Approaching Objects of Science)
Hargittai, I.:Japanese Symmetry Through the Eyes of a Visitor
Huff, W.: Homonym, Homonym, Homonym and Other Word-Pairs
Huson, D.: The Classification and Visualization of Periodic Tilings
Huzita, H.: Drawing Regular Heptagon (7) and Regular Nonagon (9) by Origami
Ingalls, R.: Symmetrical Quasiperiodic Tilings
Jablan, S.: Colored Antisymmetry
Jean, R.: Patterns in Plants, and Morphogenetical Parralelism
Kirti, T.: Symmetry in Patterned Poetry - The Chitra-Kavaya Tradition of India
Klein, P Symmetry Arguments in Romantic Natural Philosophy
Kopsky, V.: Square-One: A New Puzzle and a New Algebra
Kresling, B.: Origami As Simulation Method for Nature's Folding Patterns
Lalvani, H.: Non-Convex Tiles and Tilings
Lizin, I.: Group Theory and Reconstruction of the Internal Space of Biological Objects
Lugosi, G.: Symmetries in Permutation-Generated Patterns
Parisi, J.: Sequence of Julia-Like Sets Produced by a Numerical Recurrence Technique
Petukhov, S.V.: Highest Biosymmetries and the Concept of Replicational Morphogenesis
Rebielak, J.: Symmetry in Spherical Grid Shaping Pattern Examples of Some Geodesic Domes
Rigby, J.: Artistic Challenges from Geometric Symmetry
Robbin, T.: A Quasicrystal for Denmark's Coast
Sheridan, S.: Timescape: Patterns in Flow Symmetrically
Szeles, K.: Symmetry of Interpretation-Patterns
Wiggs, R.: Generating Tubular Polyhedra
Zellweger, S.: Semiotics, Good Symmetry, and the Logic of Propositions

Volume 3, No. 2, 1992
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bruhn, S.: Symmetry and Irreversibility in the Musical Language of the Twentieth Century
Fujihata, M.: Form: By Script and/Or Image
Gibbon, J.: Polyhedral Modeling As a Preparation for the Creation of Visual Music
Goforth, R.R.: Using Asymmetrical Probability Density Functions (PDFS) in Simulations
Goranson, H.T.:A Report on Progress Toward an ISIS-Symmetry Intertaxonomy
Huttner, P.: A Few Thoughts Around the Installation Japanese Graffiti
Jun, M.: Evolution of Origami Models
Kajikawa, Y.: Growing Icosahedra
Kawasaki, T.: Origami Architecture
Kono, K.: Experimental Study of Waves in Fibonacci and Penrose Lattices
Matsuno, K.: An Origin of Symmetry Breaking: Irreversible Thermodynamics from an Internalist Perspective
McCracken, P and Huff, W.: Wallpapers Precisely 17: An Eye-Opening Confirmation
Ogawa, T.: Some Geometrical Attempts: Quasicrystals, Fractal Tesselation, Ideal Critical Pattern
Rosen, J.: Reduction As Symmetry
Schwabe, C.: Flexing Polyhedra
Tsai, A.P and Masumoto, T.: Growth and Shapes in Quasicrystals
Symmetric Gallery

Volume 3, No. 3, 1992
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Crowe, D.: Symmetry in the Aboriginal Art of Austrailia
Deregowski, J.:Perception of Symmetry in Psychological Observations
Duff-Cooper, A.:For and Against "Degrees of Asymmetry"
Fittler, K.:Symmetrical Structures in Webern's Reihen
Hoffman, W.:Symmetry and Geometric Psychology
Jablan, S.:Periodic Antisymmetry Tilings
Pementa, E.:Space, Architecture, and the Unconscious

Volume 3, No. 4, 1992
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bruhn, S.: Symbolic Representations of Divine Attributes in the Musical Language of Oliver Messiaen Exemplified in His Piano Cycle "Vingt Regards Sur L'enfant Jesus"
Carmi, E.: Imaginary Signals
Fidelman, U.: Cerebral Asymmetry and Theological Paradoxes
Iguchi, T.: L. Moholy-Nagy and Japanese Modern Art, With Special Reference to Japanese Artists in the 1920's
Klein, P.: Symmetry Arguments in Romantic Naturphilosophy
Rossler, O.: Bell's Symmetry
Wiggins, B.: C.S Smith Obituary
Tennant, R.: Constructing

Volume 4, No. 1, 1993
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Berczi, S.: Symmetry Changes by Cellular Automata in Transformations of Closed Double-Threads and Cellular Tubes With Mobius-Band, Torus, Tube-Know, and Klein-Bottle Topologies
Gevay, Gabor.: Pentamond: A New Crystalline Modification of Carbon
Gluck, Ferenc.: Chirality in the Elementary Interactions
Gluck, Ferenc.: Chirality of Organic Molecules
Lukacs, B.: The Evolution of Cosmic Symmetries
Lukacs, B.: On Geometric Symmetries and Topologies of Forms
Lukacs, B.: On the Mathematics of Symmetry Breakings
Paal, G.: Topology of the Universe

Volume 4, No. 2, 1993
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Berczi, S., Lukacs, B and Molnar, I.: On Symmetry and Topology of Organisms in Macroevolution
Darvas, G.: SFS: Symmetric Forum of the Society (Bulletin Board)
Holba, A. and Lukacs, B.: Volvox: A Simple Example for Spontaneous Symmetry Breakings
Holba, A. and Lukacs, B.: Hominid Cerebral Lateralization As Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
Nagy, D.: Symmetry in Art, Science, and Technology: Interdisciplinary University Textbooks
Symmetric Gallery

Volume 4, No. 3, 1993
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Ben-Jacob E, Shochet O, Tenenbaum A, Cohen I, Czirok A, and Vicsek T.: Fractal Patterns and Complexity During Diffusive Growth of Bacterial Colonies
Bodri, L.: Fractal Properties of Climatic Records
Mandelbrot, B.B.: Opinions(Essay)
Schenkel A, Zhang J, and Zhang Y.C.: Long Range Correlation in Human Writings
Zimmermann,T and Stutzki, J.: Fractal Aspects of Interstellar Clouds
Cox, B and Wang, J.S.Y.: Fractal Surfaces:Measurement and Applications in the Earth Sciences

Volume 4, No. 4, 1993
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Crowe, D and Torrence, R.: Admirality Islands Spear Decorations: A Minicatalog of pmm Patterns
Horn, A.: "Two Strikes on Him': Onomastic Speculations on Southpaw"
Hosack, J and Nagy, D.: Symmetry and Structure: Dialogue Among Disciplines (Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the University of the South Pacific)
Kenchington, W.: Symmetry and Structure in Biology: From Molecules to Man
Kuiper, K.: Symmetry and Iconicity in the Language of the First of Dylan Thomas's Altarwise by Owllight Sonnets
Nagy, D.: Symmetric Patterns and Ethnomathematics in the South Pacific: Inspiring Research and Helping Education
Sotheeswaran, S.: Symmetry in Organic Chemistry
Trent, J.: Phonetic Symmetry in Sound Systems

Volume 5, No. 1, 1994
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Engel, P.: Breaking Symmetry:Origami, Architecture, and the Forms of Nature
Huzita, H.: Drawing the Regular Heptagon and the Regular Nonagon by Origami (Paper Folding)
Kresling, B.: Hommage A Miura
Miura, K.: Folds-the Basis of Origami
Nagy, D.: Symmet-Origami( Symmetry and Origami) in Art, Science, and Technology
Pataki, T.: New Folded Creatures
Nagy, D.: Symmetro-Graphy

Volume 5, No. 2, 1994
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Boursin, D.: Paper Sculpture
Justin, J.: Mathematical Remarks About Origami Bases
Lang, R.: Mathematical Algorithms for Origami Design
Lang, R.: Stag Beetle
Maekawa, J.: Evolution of Origami Organisms

Volume 5, No. 3, 1994
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bruhn, S.: Patterned Time: Boris Blacher's Play With Variable Meters
Howat, R.: Debussy, Bartok and Nature Forms
Lendvai, E.: Symmetries of Music
Lendvai, E.: SFS: Symmetric Forum of the Society
Loeb, A.L.: The Golden Fraction Tan [(1/2) Arc Tan 2]: A Tribute to Erno Lendvai
Tusa, E.: Lambdoma-"I Ging"-Genetic Code

Volume 5, No. 4, 1994
Entire Volume
Cover and Index

Volume 6, No. 1, 1995
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Alexander, J.C.: Riddling: A Phenomenon in Dynamical Systems
Alves, D. and Marijuan, P.C.: Information and Symmetry in the Cellular System
Apjonova, S. and Yevin, I.: Functional Brain Asymmetry in Painting Creativity and Rhythms in Painting Evolution
Arnold, E.B. and Trix, F.: English Country Dance As a Living Tradition Viewed Through Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking
Asakura, N.: Various Aspects of Symmetry from the Viewpoint of Kohsei
Atake, Katsuhito.: Structures (Diagonal and Variable Frame Structures
Balakshin, O.B.: Group Transformation Symmetry Invariants on Natural Development Trajectory of Biomechanic Systems
Banchoff, T.: Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Projections of 4-Space Objects
Bayuk, D.: Mechanics and Music of Galileo's Age: Common Ideas and Reflexive Symmetry' of Knowledge
Berczi, Sz. Lukacs, B. Foldi, T. Ethnomathematics and Technology I. Copper, Bronze and Iron-to-Steel Smithsworks from the Great Eurasian Steppe-Belt and Western Europe
Bernhart, W.: 'Proportion' in Elizabethan Poetry and Music
Bertol, D.: Digital Evolutions for Regular Polyhedra
Binkley, T.: Computing Symmetric Patterns With Objects and Lists
Bookstein, F.L.: Symmetry in the Biometric Description of Shape
Brown, R.R.: Symmetry in Solutions to the Knights Tour Problem
Bruhn, S.: Symmetry and Irreversibility in Paul Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis
Burgiel, H.: Toroidal Skew Polyhedra
Korren, A and Burt, M.: Self Dual Space Lattices and Periodic Hyperbolic Surfaces
Caglioti, G.: Symmetry and Breaking in Natural and Artificial Structures
Canak, M.: Symmetry in Mathematical Theory of Chess
Cogan, R.: Fractal Symmetry/Asymmetry in Bartok: Spectographic Models
Cohen, D.: Aspects of Symmetry in Music
Collings, B.: A Sculptural Meditation on Yin Yang, Cells and Shape: "Anolatabulata"
Connelly, R.: The Geometric Stability of Highly Symmetric Tensegrity Structures
D'angelo, A.: Natural & Virtual Myth
Danzer, L.: Exotic Triangular Tilings of the Plane - A Model for New Aperiodic Crystals?
Darvas, G.: ISIS-Symmetry: Looking for Truth and Beauty
Davis, A. and Cahalan, R.: Architecture of Clouds As Architecture
Dewar, R.E.: The Origin of Symmetry in the Adenovirus: Is It Natural Or Artificial
Dion, E.: in the Name of Asymmetry: A New Philosophical and Esthetic Concept Alters the Symmetrical World of Antiquity
Drake, V. and Connolly, M.: Comparisons and Contrasts: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Functional and Expressive Movement
Dubrov, A.P.: Functional Symmetry and Homeostasis
Dunham, D.: The Symmetry of Hyperbolic Escher Patterns
Dworak, K.: Construction of a Non Orientable Mobius Object
Edlund, B.: Proprioceptive VS. Visual and Auditive Symmetry in Music
Edmonds, E.: The Emergence of Structures in Visual Images
Edwards, E.A.: Crossing the Threshold: The Process and Interpretation of the Helix, the Equipoise and the Praxis
Eglash, R.: Fractal Geometry in African Material Culture
Elitzur, A and Shmida, A.: Biological Symmetry and Information-Processing
Emert, J.: Geometric Symmetry, Melodic Symmetry
Bimberg, C and Habil.: Symmetry As a Concept in the Thinking and Writings of John Dryden
Bimberg, G. and Habil.: The Life on the Stage: A Symmetric Attitude in Baroque of Opera
Nagy, D.: The 2,500-Year Old Term Symmetry in Science and Art and Its 'Missing Link' between the Antiquity and the Modern Age
Pardavi-Horvath, M.: Symmetry in Magnetism

Volume 6, No. 2, 1995
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Emmer, M.: Symmetry and Movie Animation
Engler, G.: Fundamental Symmetries in Modern Physics and Their Limits
Escot, P.: Mathematical Models of Symmetry in Music
Ferguson, H. Ferguson, S. and Gray, A.: Costa Minimal Surfaces: Symmetry Sculpture by Virtual Image Projection Part I & II
Fidelman, U.: Teaching Experiments As Evidence for the Hemispheric Paradigm
Fisher, M.: Symmetry: The Needed Bridge between the Arts, the Sciences and Their Mathematics, and the Humanities
Fukagawa, H.: Symmetry in the Traditional Japanese Mathematics
Furukawa, Y.: Formation of Patterns in Growth of Natural Snow Crystals
Geffen, N.: The Use and Lure of Ruled Surfaces
Gilat, G.: On the Biological Advantage of Chirality
Heagy, J.F. Carrol, T.L. Pecora, L.M.: Real Riddled Basins
Higashi, I. Kimiko, K. Takaho, T. and Ishizawa, Y.: Icosahedral B12 Arrangements in Boron-Rich Solids
Hizume, A.: Hexa-Plexus
Hofman-Jablan, J.: Symmetry of Musical Form
Hochrun, Michael G.: Linking Sound and Color Spectra
Hollist, J.T.: The Dutch Graphic Artist M.C Escher
Huff, W.S.: The Programmed Design: The Probing the Discernibility of Properties of Symmetry
Hull, T.: Origami Tessellations
Humphrey, D.: Symmetry and Creativity: Individual Differences in Preference and Drawings
Hunt, B.R.: Optimization on Chaotic Attractors
Ilgen, F.: Structures on the Edge between Chaos and Order
Frolov, K,. Cherpakova, N and Sakhvadze, G.: Displacement Vector Determination Through Use of Fringe Patterns Symmetry Properties Produced by Holographic Interferometry
Ivashkin, V.V.: Symmetries in Celestial Mechanics and Modern Astronautics
Jablan, S.: Mirror Generated Curves
Jean, R.V.: Homology: A Key to Morphogenesis
Kastov, R.I.: Geology Beyond Nature: Symmetry Cases in Culture
Kato, E.: "The Proper" and "The Reversed": Right-Handed Dynamism in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and NOH
Kimura, H.: Dance Notation and Choreography
Klein, P.: Shaping Mind by Shaping Space-Tetrahedron As Paradigm
Kobayashi, T.: On the Study of Polyhedra in Wasan
Koblyakov, A.: Semantic Aspects of Self-Similarity in Music
Kohiyama, K.: Tiling Process of Patterns
Kobstik, V.: Generalized Symmetry of Semiotic Systems in Science and Art
Korobko, V.I.: Quantitative Estimation of Symmetry Possible Ways of Application in Natural Sciences
Kruhl, J.H.: Sutured Grain Boundaries: Their Fractal Shape, Formation and Beauty
Landwehr, K.: "Perception" = Congruence
Langdon, J.: Ambigrams: Graphic Symmetry in Language and Art, Science and Nature
Leikin, R. Berman, A. and Zaslavsky, O.: The Role of Symmetry in Mathematical Problem Solving: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Liu, Y.: Symmetries and Robotics
Loeb, A.: Visual Mathematics As an Experimental Science
Lugosi, G.G.: Further Symmetries in Permutation-Generated Patterns
Marijuan, P.C.: Information Science and Symmetry
Matsuno, K.: Symmetry As an Emergent Property of Information
Maurer, W.D.: Symmetrical Programs and Role Switching
Maxwell, D. and Levy, S.: Symmetry Insight: The Saga of Sphere Eversions
Mazo, D.: Synergetic Aspect in Symmetry Evolution
McLachlan, G.: Symmetry, Power and Architecture: The Social Meanings of Synergy and Asymmetry in the Colonial Edwardian Architecture of House in Southern Africa
McWhinnie, H.J.: In the Wake of Chaos

Volume 6, No.3, 1995

Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Akira, Y.: Symmetry vs. Omote-ura
Mason, S. and Saffle, M.: Self-Similarity, FASS Curves, and Algorithms for Musical Structures
Minal, A.: the Creative Universe
Muller, S.C.: Spiral Wave Dynamics
Musin, O.R.: Index of Harmony and Delaunay Triangulation
Nagayama, K. and Dimitrov, A.S.: Natural Beauty of Artificially Textured Surfaces: Morpho-Butterfly Coloring With Particle Arrays
Nagy, D.: Wasan (Old Japanese Mathematics): Art and Science
Ne'eman, Y.: Symmetry as a Fundamental Element of Physical Reality
Nusayr, A.M.: Symmetry and Islamic Art
Ochinsky, V.V.: On the System of Musical Sounds
Okumura, H.: Discrete Patterns Arising from Results in Japanese Geometry
Olovsson, I.: Snow Crystals-Natural and Artificial
Osborn, J.A.L.: Diminishing Opportunity in Amphography
Oviedo, V.: the Band Design in the Ceramic of Central Region of Panama.
Peterson, G.: Color Symmetry in Navajo and Contemporary Western Art
Petukhov, S.V.: Highest Symmetries and Biological Algorithms
Propp, J.: Symmetric Surprises from Virtual Ants
Proxer, J.J.: Symmetry in Duel in the Sun
Putz, J.F.: the Golden Section: A Natural Balance between Symmetry and Asymmetry
Rapis, E.: Symmetry and Self-Organization in Protein
Reggia, J.A.: Symmetries of Natural and Artificial Neural Networks
Rigby, J.F.: the Visual Beauty of Geometrical Figres
Robinson, A.: Quasisymmetry Types for Almost Periodic Tilings
Rosen, J.: Symmetry Implies Dissymmetry
Rosenhaus, V.: On Symmetries and Conservation Laws for Partial Differential Equations
Sabitov, Some Results in the Bending's Theory of Polyhedra
Sastroamidjojo, M.S.A.: A Physicist Looks at the Javanese Shaddow-Puppet Performance
Servatius, H.: Planar Cayley Graphs
Shaffer, D.W.: Symmetric Intuitions
Shechtman, D.: Symmetry in Periodic and in Quasi-Periodic Crystals
Schwabe, C.: On the Impossible Tribar by Raoul Bricard
Sommerer, J.C and Ott, E.: Blowout Bifurcations
Soroko, E.M.: Order Structures of Natural Systems and Generalized Golden Sections
Suehiro, N.: Binary Block Code Which Composes 16 Dimensional Hyper Regular Polyhedron and A Glass of Generalized Hadamard Matrices Each of Which is a Cubic Root for the Unit Matrix
Takenouchi, K.: Aesthetic Consideration of Symmetry on a S-Curved Cable-Stayed Bridge
Talkington, S.: the Use of Geometric Metaphor in a Theory of Communicative Rationality
Tarnai, T.: Packings, Coverings and Between
Thorsteinn, E.: the Development Pattern of Geometrical Structures
Tosic, V.: Symmetry in Music as Personal Expression
Trix, F.: Along the Path of Mystic Interpretation: Symmetry in a Muslim Calligraphic Plaque
Venkataramani, S.C., Antonsen T.M., Ott, E., and Sommerer, J.C.: Fractal and Power Spectrum Characterizations of On-Off Intermittency
Walcerz, S.: Dissymmetry as the Source of Movement and Progress
Webber, W.T.: Folded Toroidal Polyhedra
Wechsler, R.A.: Analysis of "Reversals" in the Cunningham Dance Technique Issues Concerning the Perception of Symmetry in Dance
Whiteley, E.: Visually Transforming Square Root Rectangles
Wigen, P.E.: Order to Chaos to Order Chaotic Behavior in Ferromagnetic Resonance
Witherspoon, G.: Dynamic Symmetry and Holistic Asymmetry in Navajo Cosmology
Yevin, I.: Bimodality, Phase Transitions, and Symmetry Breaking in Artworks
Yorke, J.A.: Riddled and Intermingled Basins
Yoshimasa, M.: On the Various Phases of Circles-Spheres in Wasan
Zellweger, S.: A Symmetry Notation That Coactivates the Common Ground between Symbolic Logic and Crystallography
Zvyagin, B.B.: Symmetry Relationships in Modular Crystal Structures and their Display by Means of Symbols

Volume 6, No. 4, 1995
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Asakura, N.: Possibilities of Image-Expressing by Mirrors
Bertol, D.: Reflecting Symmetries
Brown, R.R.: Knight Moves in Art
Colbert, D.: Advanced Morphology: A Development
Collins, B.: Notes on Hexagon of Saddles, 1995
Csaji, A.: A Spring for Voltaire
D'Angelo, A.: Natural & Virtual Myth Dion, E.: Signs of the Place - Signs of the Time: Kobe, Japan, On the Morning of 17 January 1995 in Memory of a Terrible Quake in the Earth
Edwards, E.A. The Helix, the Equipoise and the Praxis
Farkas, T.F.: New DImensions
Fisher, M.L.: Artist
Galiulin, R.: Andreini Partitions
Hauer, E.: The Nexus and Labyrinth Sculptures
Hull, T.: Origami Tessellations
Kuchta, K.: Light Installation
Randolph, P.F and Loeb, A.L.: Symmetry Portfolio

Volume 7, No.1, 1996
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Avital, T.: Symmetry: The Connectivity Principle of Art
Collier, J.: Information Originates in Symmetry Breaking
Cuba, L.: Experimental Animation
Goranson, H.T.: Knowledge Representation by Metastructures
Gould, L. and Buckley, D.: "Seeing Through Symmetry"- A Multimedia Course"
Takaki, R., Arai, Y., and Kashiwabara M.: Vibrational Modes of a Spherical Drop and Minimum Dissipation Principle
Kirschenbaum, B.: Patterns
Kobayashi, T.: Spherical Models of Polyhedra in Wasan
Langdon, J.: John Langdon's Ambigrammatic Response-Third Congress
McCracken, P.K and Huff, W.S.: Symmetry: Natural and Artificial
Mortillaro, K.: The Surprise of Anamorphic Sculpture
Ogawa, T.: Several Attempts Concerning Quasicrsystals
Watanbe, Y., Teshima, Y. and Ogawa, T.: Geometry of Rod Packings
Wigner, E.P.: Obituary of Eugene P. Wigner

Volume 7, No. 2, 1996

Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bernhart, W.: 'Proportion' in Elizabethan Poetry and Music
Bimberg, G.: The Life on the Stage: Symmetric Attitude in Baroque Opera
Bruhn, S.: Symmetry and Dissymmetry in Paul Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis
Drake, V.: Comparisons and Contrasts: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Functional and Expressive Movement
Edlund, B.: Structural Symmetry and Proprioceptive Patterns in Music
Hochrun, M.: The Dorian Mirror
Kato, E.: "The Proper" and "The Reversed": Right-Handed Dynamism in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and Noh
Trix, F.: Symmetry in the Service of Islamic Mysticism: A Central Calligraphic Levha

Volume 7, No. 3, 1996
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Artigiani, R.: Contemporary Science and the Search for Symmetry in Nature and Society
Collier, J.: Information Originates in Symmetry Breaking
Farre, G.L.: Cosmic Evolution and Symmetry
Gunji, Y.P., Ito, G. and Kitabayashi, N.: The Difference of Status between Internal and External Measurement
Marijuan, P.C.: Information and Symmetry in the Biological and Social Realm: New Avenues of Inquiry
Matsuno, K.: Symmetry in Synchronous Time and Information in Asynchronous Time
Rossler, O.E.: Jumping Identities of Particles
Ulanowicz, R.E.: Ecosystem Development: Symmetry Arising?

Volume 8, No. 1
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Fukagawa, H.: Symmetry in Traditional Japanese Mathematics
Nagy, D.: Golden Sectionism: From Mathematics to the Theory of Art and Musicology Part 2
Okumura, H.: Circle Patterns Arising from Results in Japanese Geometry
Rigby, J.F.: An Incorrect Sangaku Conjecture

Volume, 8, No. 2, 1997
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Barham, J.: The Arrow of Mind: Symmetry-Breaking, Information, and Biological Complexity
Dubois, D.M.: Generation of Fractals from Incursive Automata, Digital Diffusion and Wave Equation Systems
Ehresmann, A.C and Vanbremeersch, J.P.: Information Processing, and Symmetry-Breaking in Memory Evolutive Systems
Elitzur, A.C.: Constancy, Uniformity and Symmetry of Living Systems: The Computational Functions of Morphological Invariance
Gray, J.E and Vogt, A.: Is Symmetry Informative?
Igamberdiev, A.U.: Information Processing in Biosystems: Quantum Mechanical Background and Relation to Symmetry-Breaking
Takahara, Y. and Ono, N.: Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking between Suppliers and Consumers in Natural Ecosystems

Volume 8, No. 3, 1997
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bertol, D.: Digital Evolutions for Regular Polyhedra
Esaki, L.: The Birth of the Tunnel Diode, and the Semiconductor Superlattice
Gould, L.I.: Seeing Through Symmetry-As Seen Through its Labs
Hargitai, R., Farkas, O., Ropolyi, L., Veress, G. and Vanko, G.: Tetralectics- An Approach to Post Modern Logic
Haries, J.G.: Reflections on Rotations
Hilton, P. and Pedersen, J.: Symmetry in Theory-Mathematics and Aesthetics
Hilton, P. and Pedersen, J.: Symmetry in Practice-Recreational Constructions
Bishops of Opposite Colours: The Idea of Symmetry and the Symmetry of Ideas
Rigby, J.F.: Perfect Precise Colourings of Triangular Tilings, and Hyperbolic Patchwork
Shaffer, D.W.: Escher's World: Learning Symmetry Through Mathematics and Art
Tennant, R.F.: Mathematical Symmetry: A Mathematics Course of the Imagination

Volume 9, No. 1, 1998
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Avital, T.: Footprints Literacy: The Origins of Art and Prelude to Science
Avital, T.: Mindprints: The Structural Shadows of Mind-Reality
Nagy, D.: Symmetry: A Bibliography of Interdisciplinary Books

Volume 9, No. 2-4, 1998
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Aravot, I.: Ordering Principles in 20th Century Urban Design Approaches
Avnir, D., Katzenelson, O., Keinan, S., Pinsky, M., Pinto, Y., Solomon Y. and Zabrodsky, H.: The Measurement of Symmetry: Bridging Order and Disorder
Caglioti, G.: Physical Aspects of Order in Visual Communication
Cohen, D.: Order/Disorder as a Factor in Shaping a Style Schemata of Repetition and Form
Collier, J. and Burch, M.: Order from Rhythmic Entrainment and the Origin of Levels Through Dissipation
Darvas, G.: Laws of Symmetry Breaking
Dreyfus, T. and Eisenberg, T.: On Symmetry in School Mathematics
Dunham, D.: Morphological Transformation of Hyperbolic Patterns
FisherGewirzman, D., Tsamir, Y. and Burt, M.: An Integral Spatial Approach to Comparative Evaluation of Dense Environments
Fittler, K.: The Appearances of the Different Fine Arts in Music
Hel-Or, H. and Avnir, D.: Computational Aspects in Image Analysis of Symmetry and of Its Perception
Higashi, I., Ishii, T., Tanaka, T. and Kobayashi, K.: Icosahedral B12 Arrangements in YB66 and YB41 SI1.2
Kalisch-Rotem, E. and Aravot, I.: Approaches in Urban Design: The Disorder That Results from Ordering the Disorder
Karni, E.: The Order of Staris: Architectural Considerations in Staircase Design
Kazmierczak, E.T.: Philosophy and Aesthetic Preferences: Symmetry Versus Asymmetry
Klein, P.: "Ordo Mundi"- Order of the World and Structure of Reason in Raffaello's "Stanza Della Segnatura"
Kowner, R.: Human Fluctuating Asymmetry: What Does it Mean for Psychologists?
Krasnodebski, R.: On Wladyslaw Strzeminski's 13. Unistic Composition. Philosophical, Physical and Mathematical Aspects
Kuchta, K. and Dubnov, S.: Installation and Performance for Reflection of Sound and Light
Marijuan, P.C., Pastor, J. and Villarroel, M.: The Language of Cells: A Partitional Approach to Cell-Signaling
Ramme, G.: Experiments With Soap Bubbles
Rebielak, J.: Some Aspects of Space Structures Shaping
Saragusti, I., Sharon I., Katzenelson, O. and Avnir, D.: Quantitative Analysis of the Symmetry of Artifacts
Segal, A.M and Rapis, E.G.: Common Mechanisms of Different Functional Levels of Self-Organizaton
Szpiro, G.G.: A Symmetric Pattern in Financial Markets
Tarnai, T.: Optimizing Lotus Flowers
Watanbe, Y.: Geometrical Interpretation: Recurrence Formula of Natural Number's Power Series Summation
Wegner, B.: Tangential Symmetries of Planar Curves and Space Curves
Williamson, M.: Symmetry and Social Order: The Tlingit Indians of Southern Alaska

Volume 10, No. 1-2, 1999
Entire Volume
Cover and Index
Bonpunt, L.: The Emergence of Symmetry Concepts by the Way of the Study of Crystals (1600-1900)
Cohen, D. and Cohen, J.: Symmetry in Music: A Historical Perspective
Guletsky, I.: The Concept of the Mass Form Within the Context of Visual Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance
Hajnoczi, G.: The Concept of Symmetry in Early Renaissance Art Theory. Leon Battista Alberti, De Pictura
Ilgen, F.: Symmetry As Key-Notion in the Interrelationship between Science and Constructivist Art
Loeb, A.L.: Symmetry in Music as a Stylistic Index for the Transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Ne'man, Y.: Symmetry as the Leitmotif at the Fundamental Level in the Twentieth Century Physics
Okumura, H.: Geometries in the East and the West in the 19th Century
Roero, C.S.: Mean, Proportion and Symmetry in Greek and Renaissance Art


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