The Next Congress

SymmAdelaide2016 5The 10th Symmetry Congress-Festival will be held in Adelaide, Australia Dec 1-6, 2016

The Congress website is here.

Please submit a four-page version of your paper ((summary of lecture, exhibition or performance) along with brief biographic data, by using the given SymmAdelaide2016 Paper Template in .doc or .rtf and .pdf formats. Pictures must have resolution higher than 300 dpi.

An important principle is to encourage interdisciplinary discussions. Thus, all contributors should be mindful to structure their presentations as to make them accessible to a non-specialist public, no jargon, as little technical information as possible, etc. (while the technical details can be given in the references).

Deadline for the submission of individual papers has been extended to 5 November, 2016.

Author: tedg

Abstraction Scientist