Society Officers

The International Symmetry Society was founded in 1989 following a hugely successful international gathering in Budapest. It has operated continuously since, publishing world class print and web journals and hosting an International Congress every three years:

  • 1989 in Budapest, Hungary
  • 1992 in Hiroshima, Japan
  • 1995 in Washington DC, US
  • 1998 in Haifa, Israel
  • 2001 in Sydney, Australia
  • 2004 in Tihany, Hungary
  • 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2010 in Gmünd, Austria
  • 2013 in Crete, Greece
  • 2016 in Adelaide, Australia

Interim full conferences have been held in Brussels (2002), Lviv (2008) and Cracow/Wroclaw (2009).

Each Congress hosts a General Assembly of the Society where Society business is conducted. Officers serve a three year term. Intermediate local meetings have been increasing.

President of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry: Dénes Nagy (denes.nagy *at* acu *dot* edu *dot* au), Budapest, Vármegye u. 7. II. 3., H-1052 Hungary (International Symmetry Society-Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Chairperson of the Oversight Committee: Ted Goranson (tedg *at* alum *dot* mit *dot* edu) Sirius-Beta, 1976 Munden Point Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23457-1227, USA

Honorary President: William S. Huff, Professor Emeritus of the School of Architecture and Planning, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA

Executive Board: Dénes Nagy (President) Ioannas Vandoulakis  (Treasurer) Sayed Alireza Behnejad (Secretary) Éva Gyarmathy

Oversight Committee: Ted Goranson, Chairperson (USA) Yoshinori Teshima (Japan) Paul Mezey (Canada).

International Advisory Board: Alireza Behnejad (UK), Oleh Bodnar (Ukraine), Beth Cardier (Australia), Liu Dun (China), Shozo Isihara (Japan), Eugene Katz (Israel), Veronika Makarova (Canada/Russia), Patricia Muñoz (Argentina, representing SEMA), Janusz Rębielak (Poland), Dmitry Weise (Russia).

Honorary Members of the Society: Jürgen Bokowski (Germany), Micheal Burt (Israel), Donald Crowe (USA), Istvan Hargittai (Hungary), William Huff (USA), Peter Klein (Germany), Koryo Miura (Japan), Werner Schulze (Austria), Caspar Schwabe (Switzerland), Dan Shechtman (Israel).

Honorary Members (Passed Away): Johann Jakob Burckhardt (Switzerland), Harold S. M. Coxeter (Canada), Victor A. Frank-Kamenetsky (Russia), Heinrich Heesch (Germany), Kodi Husimi (Japan), Michael Longuet-Higgins (UK and USA), Yuval Ne’eman (Israel), Ilarion I. Shafranovskii (Russia), Cyril Smith (USA), Eugene P. Wigner (USA).

Sister organization in Australia:
The International Symmetry Society— Australia
Lynn Arnold, Chairperson
43 Charlick Circuit, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 5000

Affiliate organization in Japan:
The Katachi Society (Katachi no Kagakkaishi / Society for Science on Form)
Masaharu Tanemura, President

Affiliate organization in Argentina:
SEMA = Sociedad de Estudios Morfológicos de la Argentina
(Society for the Study of Morphology in Argentina)
Claudio Guerri, Honorary President
Patricia Muñoz, President