3 April 2016

Minutes of skype-discussion on April 3, 2016
Re: 10th Symmetry Congress-Festival
Adelaide, Dec 1-6, 2016

Participated: Lynn (co-ch), Iannis (co-ch),
Alireza, Eugene, Denes, Dima, Janusz
Apologies: Eva, Ghil’ad. Ted
Copy: William Huff (see No. 6)

The following items were discusses
(as suggested by Dénes)

(1) Call for papers is needed asap.

We need a title and short abstract from each interested person (lecture, exhibition item, performance, workshop) and/or immediately the four-page extended abstract.

(2) The usual style-sheet (Proc. published for the event)

We need the usual four-page extended abstracts from all accepted contributors by October 15 (???). We have our style-sheet for this purpose.
These abstracts should be published for the congress as a special issue of our journal “Symmetry: Art and Science” (2016/1-4).

(3) Letters of support for appliying travel grants and visa – asap

Dénes have sent a model-letter to Lynn (addressed to Patricia). It is important to include (where it is appropriate):
– Your presence at our 10th congress is essential since you are a Board Member of the Society and we will have a General Assembly with election in the framework of the congress
– You are invited to give a lecture.
– Feel free to use this letter to apply for a travel grant in your country and for visa at the nearest Australian Embassy.
For any case, Dénes will be happy to write such letters as the President of the Society, but some people may need a more official letter from Lynn.

(4) Committees:

(4.1) Organizing Committee = this will be appointed by Lynn and his colleagues. As Iannis and Dénes suggested, it will be important to include a leading Greek-Australian scholar: Prof. Anastasios M. Tamis (Univ. of Notre Dame, Perth, WA).
It is also recommended to include here some officers of the society:
– Denes (President, Hungary)
– Ted (Chair of the Oversight Committee, US)
– Ioannis (Treasurer, Greece)
– Alireza (Secretary, England)
– Patricia (President of SEMA, Argentina)

(4.2) International Advisory Board = (usually)
= Board Members of the Society (including Janusz, Dima, etc.)

(5) Funding of cultural programs and some invitations
– officers of the society who have no access to travel grants
– some important contributors
It would be nice to have 6-10 such travel grants.

Earlier we discussed that there are some possible Australian schemes, like

Also see:

(6) Other topics:

Iannis suggested considering the usage of a Cyprus-based company for helping the organisation.

Eugene suggested to include the excursion on Dec. 6 as a congress-day (accepted: see the new heading: Dec 1-6)

Denes suggested to have a skype-lecture by William Huff (earlier William agreed).

Iannis closed the discussion.

Additional note: Denes wrote to Ted and Lynn in connection with the site and related questions.