This page consists of a list of members of the Society. It includes currently paid members and members who have journal entries in the archive. Please refer to the  Frequently Asked Questions, for the site’s policy on presumed membership in Symmetry-US and access to the Journals.

Clicking on a member name will take you to their blog (if they have activated one), or to the journal search field for their material.

Oleg Bodnar (Ukraine)

Beth Cardier (Australia)

Claudio Guerri (Argentina)

William Huff (USA)

Slavik Jablan (Serbia)

Ami Korren (Israel)

Attila Kovacs (Hungary)

George Lugosi (Australia and Hungary)

Veronika Makarova (Russia and Canada)

Ted Goranson (USA)

Janusz Rebielak (Poland)

Werner Schulze (Austria)

Yoshinori Teshima (Japan)

Julie Tolmie (UK)

Dmitry Weise (Russia)